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About JasmineWay.co.uk

Hello and welcome to JasmineWay!

JasmineWay Home Accessories was borne in April 2008. Since then we have travelled numerous times to Continental Europe to discover beautiful home accessories.

We love unusual products, so as you can see, all our products come from small suppliers in France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and countries in the Middle East….. A long list! This proves how much we have travelled in the last 6 years. We love to show off what we found on these gruelling but exciting buying trips.

Like you, we want to show off our home, and our eclectic taste in home design and decor, without copying everyone else. So if you are looking for something that you won't get at John Lewis. Littlewoods, Habitat, etc and generally not on the high street then look no further, and much of our European homeware is even funkier than Ikea, so why look any further, and if you can't find what you are looking for then why not drop us an email and see what we can turn up for you. Our goal is to offer unique products not available anywhere else in the UK.

We also talk to small design studios and individual designers often. We are passionate about finding pretty things in life, so if you are one of these talented designers, please get in touch - we love to share your products with our customers!

JasmineWay Sales Team